Jaclyn Hill Palette Impressions

January 15, 2018

Ah! The ever-popular Jaclyn Hill Palette.

After was seems like a gazillion eyeshadow palette launches, one has finally caught my attention enough to get me to spend that hard-earned money! Saying that I probably missed out on some incredible palettes in the past year. It’s just that nothing really grabbed my attention enough and made me squeal “I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE!”, until this palette that is.

Can you blame me though? I mean just look at it! It’s beautiful!

The minute Jaclyn Introduced it on her YouTube channel I have been lusting over it. It has finally arrived in the UK via Beauty Bay and of course immediately sold out, but I was lucky enough to squeeze into the ridiculously long waiting queue and past the website crash to snag myself my very own one! Yay!

Anyway let’s get into the all-important swatches, shall we?

I’m going from Top to Bottom and from Left to Right.



As you can see the palette is gorgeous! The colours are great and so pleasing to the eye (yes that’s something I consider when I buy makeup…just me?)

I would say its definitely of higher quality compared to the previous Morphe eyeshadow palettes. The foils are so buttery and pigmented, however, a couple of the matte shades need a couple of layers to get the intensity required. Some I dare say can be chalky but nothing you can’t work with. Watch the live swatch video I recorded to understand what I mean.

Overall, I would recommend this palette if you’re just getting into makeup and need a palette that packs all the important colours you will need into one. Its a great palette for weekends away or even for travelling as its got a huge variety of colours and the palette itself is thin and easy to carry. Would I say its an absolute ride or die must have? For £37 pounds (get yours from BeautyBay), no not necessarily if I’m honest. Is it nice to have? Yes! Should you pick it up if you’re a makeup junkie? hell yeas!

Do you have any can’t live without palettes? If so make sure to let me know in the comments, I’m super curious to find out.


x Minaz

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