Turkish Bath “Hamam” Experience

September 19, 2017

For the longest time, the idea of a Hamam made me ever so nervous because I distinctly remember going to our local salon when I was younger and seeing timid scared looking girls being led into this secret room by a really butch looking lady and not seeing them for hours! I was always hesitant and thought oh no that’s not for me. That is until this experience I am about to share.
During out stay in the magnificent Liberty Lykia in Olu Deniz, Turkey. I was informed that the Turkish Bath experience was half price at the time and it came highly recommended by the staff, so I was like okay let’s see what all this is about – I desperately need some pampering. I have to say they were really respectful about my hijab and made sure that only female staff/clients were present during the time they allocated me for my treatment. 
To start off my experience I was told to change into a towel keeping my undergarments on (as they would stay throughout the treatment). Then I was asked if I wanted to get into the sauna for a couple of minutes which I kindly declined (I find them so suffocating and claustrophobic- just me?)
I was then led into this large room that was super warm – almost like a sauna but it was very roomy and incredibly beautiful. It had lots of chambers and slabs of what looked like marble that I assume I was about to lie down on. I was taken to the corner of the large room where I indeed was instructed to lie down face down on the really warm slab which was so comforting, like a giant warm compress. She then washed my body with warm/hot water and then literally lathered me up with so much foam using this amazing contraption of balloon like material – it felt amazing so gentle and so foamy.
She then washed me again and began to scrub me down with some sort of exfoliating glove. I’ve read numerous blogs that said this part was particularly painful and felt like the skin was being ripped off. Thankfully that wasn’t the case for me. She was definitely firm but it didn’t hurt, it actually felt quite good like I was getting a professional clean lol! I did make a note not to see how much skin came off as I didn’t want to be traumatized and forever doubt my hygiene and exfoliating skills. She then repeated the whole process with me lying own on the back and was really respectful throughout the treatment.
I was then given the final wash before I was told to wear my towel again and was led to the massage room. This- this bit was amazing! The little room I was led to was actually a balcony that was overlooking the most beautiful strip of beach and turquoise waters. She proceeded to give me an amazing very much needed massage as I listened to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore  
To end my experience, I was led to the garden and was told to sit and relax. They put an aloe vera mask on and offered me some lovely Turkish tea. I sat there for about 15 mins before I washed off the mask and put my clothes back on.
Overall, I think it was a fantastic treatment and not at all the intimidating and awkward experience I was expecting. I would highly recommend it to anyone getting married – which is what most people in the middle east actually use it for – as you feel squeaky clean and soft afterwards!
I hope you found my experience helpful in deciding whether to go ahead with a Turkish bath or not! I would love to hear about your experience if you do indeed go ahead with it!  
Until next time,
Take Care!

M x 

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