Artist of Makeup by Zukreat – Swatches and Review

November 25, 2014

Earlier this year, I had the great opportunity to meet Zukreat, and test out her product first hand at the London IMATS 2014. First impressions of the range were amazing, the booth was absolutely packed (which is always a great sign), the products were all in high demand and after a few swatches I had already made up my mind that I would be getting goodies.

 Here is what I ended up purchasing,

I’ve had a few months to play a round with the products and I can say this, hand on heart, they are absolutely wonderful! (They even made it into my make up kit!)


Starting with the eye shadows, I tried to get something that I don’t already have. All the shades in the range were fantastically pigmented but these 2 caught my eye straight away and boy let me tell you this, this gold eye shadow is THE BEST antique gold I have ever come across. These retail on the website for £6.50.
The 2 colours I picked up were Gold Leaf,




It is super creamy and EXTREMELY pigmented! I would describe it as an antique gold as suppose to a bright gold. Its so easy to blend and is overall just a dream to work with.
The second shade I picked up is called Orchid,





This colour is also super creamy and easy to work with. It’s a purple shade with a violet and blue undertone to it and is just SO NICE on Asian skin or brown eyes. I absolutely love it.


Next are the blushes. Out of a whole range of super awesome colours, I only picked up three to try..and now I regret it because I think I should have got at least 3 more! These blushes come in quite big pans so I don’t see myself running out any time soon. These retail for, £10.50.
The colours I got were Half Baked,





This was the colour I immediately picked up as its so unique, I haven’t seen many shades like it. It’s a reddish brown with undertones of pink and flecks of gold. Its a pearl shade so gives off a nice sheen on the skin and it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL on all skin tones – I have used this on almost every skin tone and it never fails to look good.
Next up is Alluring,



This is a gorgeous bright pink matte shade. It isn’t as creamy as the other 2 but is definitely super pigmented. It’s especially good if you have uneven skin or maybe some break out that you don’t want to draw attention to as its matte. I have started to love wearing this when I want a healthy flush of colour.
The last shade I picked up is called Splendor,





Oh what a beautiful shade! This reminds me a little tiny bit of NARS’s Orgasm blush in that its a warm pink blush with undertones of gold. Its very easy to apply and gives the most amazing glowy flush. This shade is a the perfect pairing when wearing a red lip! But be warned, you have to be light handed as its extremely pigmented.
Overall the blushes are fantastic and come in a great variety of colours, they are seriously pigmented and are a dream to blend with. The only down side to these is that there is quite a lot of fall out when you first put your brush in the pan, therefore exercise caution and tap off the excess from the brush before applying.


Moving onto to the foundation I purchased. The foundations in the collection come in the luminous coverage range and the flawless coverage range. To be perfectly honest as I have only tried one, I can’t claim to know what the difference between the two ranges are. The shade I have is No. 44 from the luminous coverage range.


Out of the whole range, this product was the hardest to work with I found. People have been raving about it all over the internet, and it is amazing, just not on my skin. 

First of all, the shade I got matched is darker than my skin tone so I tend to wear it in the summer months only. The second thing about this foundation is that it needs to be worn over extremely well moisturised skin other wise it will look patchy and will cling to dry areas. When I have had it on, it gave amazing coverage and would have probably looked better if it was in the correct shade. 

I want to give this foundation another shot but I keep pushing it to the back of my foundation collection.  I will probably get around to it eventually.


Last but not least the infamous contour sticks! Before I used this product I used to think, really? Is this really going to change my life? Let me tell you this….it really has!! This product is absolutely amazing and if there was 1 thing you were willing to try from the Artist of Makeup range, this is it!
I have the contour stick in the shade Medium. These retail for, £18.00 (totally worth it though!)


This has totally changed the way I contour skin! It is so easy to be precise with this product due to the shape of the tube, and it is so simple to blend! Its almost a fool proof method to avoid any extremely strong contour and streaking action. 

The only thing about this product is that it is a bit on the orangey side, so people who prefer a more muted grey contour might not necessarily like this product. Even so, I would definitely recommend trying it out anyway!

Overall, this brand is definitely one to check out if you have the opportunity to do so. Its an independent brand brought to you by a truly inspirational MUA. I  have loved the products I have tried and can’t wait to see what is coming next (the lipsticks!!!).

Zukreat if you are reading this, you rock!
Wesbite to purchase: AOM

Till next time,



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