Liz Earl + Clarisonic = Ahh yes! (Part 2)

October 5, 2014

This is part 2 of my Liz Earl and Clarisonic Blog post – for information about Liz Earl please check out part 1 🙂 

Three to four times a week I use my most beloved cleansing tool, the Clarisonic Mia 2 (mine’s pink he he). Again this was hugely raved about when it initially came out, lots of dupes began to arrive on the market but I still believe this is one of the best out there (if used correctly)
A Clarisonic is a sonic skin cleansing system, it produces hundreds of movements per second (300 to be precise) in order to dislodge any make up, sebum and dirt within the skin ensuring you have clean, soft and smooth skin after use. It helps keep your skin and pores squeeky clean which is step 1 in order to achieve an effective skin regime. The Mia 2 is special because it has a timed function where the movements last a total of 60 seconds. During those 60 seconds the Mia 2 vibrates intermittently to prompt you to move onto the next part of your face. 
I initially splurged and bought this a year before my wedding because I was after smooth looking skin. I suffered from black heads around my nose as well as white heads especially on my forehead. After using it for about 4-5 months I was able to see really positive results where my skin began to look healthy and I began to get lots of compliments on the smoothness of my skin. An added benefit was that the clarisonic works as a microdermabrasion device so I was able to get a more even skin tone too. 
As time went on I started using my Mia 2 more and more and eventually incorporated it in my cleansing routine. I found it was able to reach deep and unclog my pores and dislosge any make up even if it was waterproof.
Its become one of my most trust go to tools when my skin is feeling tired and pale. I would highly recommend it however, care should be taken when using it. I have read a lot of reviews on how it left the skin feeling sore and over scrubbed. This tool should not be used too many times a week if your skin is sensitive. Additionally, when using the Mia 2, let the tool do the work you don’t really need to scrub the face at the same time. 
This combination (Mia 2 + Liz Earle) has worked really great for me. It’s helped me achieve and maintain clear, smooth and radiant skin… and if you have combination to dry skin it might work for your too! 
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