Top Beauty Products Every Girl Needs!

May 1, 2019

Ever since I had my children, I’ve had to work hard at streamlining my makeup routine, as well as my products to fit my lifestyle. Because, let’s face it, with two children under 4 no one has the time for a full face of makeup day in day out. My aim was – effortless, easy and delivers great results. Regardless of whether you are a mum or not, below are some of the must-have beauty products I think every girl needs in her arsenal.

I initially found it quite hard to ditch the contour, highlight, baking and the rest of the steps no one with a crying child has time for. However, I finally came up with a list of products that make me look like I’ve had 8 hours of sleep when in fact I haven’t slept a proper full night in more than a year! Of course, there’s date nights, weddings and the odd day when the kids are either asleep or too busy with the husband to care about what you’re doing when you can really indulge and take your time with makeup application. For the most part, these are my go tos!

Top beauty products every girl needs 2


Not until a few of years ago did I realise how important SPF was. It is the one thing I absolutely don’t leave without come rain or shine. It was an absolute must to protect your skin from any environmental stressors and not just the sun – which let’s be honest living in London we don’t see much of!

My favourite by far has been the NeoGen Day -Light Protection SPF 50+++. Yes, you read correct SPF50! It’s either go big or go home when it comes to SPF for me. This one is great because unlike ones I’ve tried it doesn’t break me out or leave my skin super dry. It even gives my skin a healthy dewy look which I really appreciate when its the only thing I have on my face.

Powder and SPF


If your skin is anything like mine – As dry as the Sahara- the mention of powder will get you running in the opposite direction, but hear me out. Powders are so tricky and you really have to try out a few before you find your Holy Grail. I, unfortunately, haven’t got to that stage but I do have a good idea on what sort of powder will suit my needs. I mainly use the powder to set my under eye concealer and any other areas that might crease. This is a MUST for me otherwise things tend to move a little more than I like.

I have used a banana powder to help brighten my under eyes which I liked. I have and continue to use a translucent powder to set everything in place without adding any colour. My favourite way to set my powder has recently been to use the brightening powder. I especially love the Becca Be A Light palette as its got a brightening powder, a blurring powder, a bronzer as well as a blusher all in one palette. I definitely had a #mumwin moment when I bought this product.

Some of my other favourites are RCMA no colour powder, Laura Mercier Translucent Setting powder and Becca Hydra Mist Set and Refresh Powder (love this too!)


I don’t know about you, but I can’t leave my house without a lick of mascara. I just don’t look the same without it. It opens up my eyes, gives them definition and mostly distracts from my under eye bags!

Some of my favs include Loreal’s Lash paradise and Voluminous Carbon Blac, Revolution pro’s Revolution Mascara, Maybelline’s Lash sensational and TooFaced’s Better Than Sex (waterproof). If you have any other favs do let me know, I’m always up for trying new mascaras.

eyeliner and mascara


This is a no brainer, what a good eyeliner can do for the face is just short of a miracle! You can go for everyday easy breezy to looking so put together with just a swipe of eyeliner. There are a bunch of eyeliners on the market. From felt tips to brush-like tips to pencils and gel crayons there isn’t a brand who hasn’t got an eyeliner. Eyeko does some of my all-time favourite ones! The Eye Do liner, the Fat Eyeliner, as well as the Black Magic liquid eyeliner, are just amazing! For Liquid eyeliner, the NYX liquid liner is an absolute must as its super black and super long wearing. In terms of gel liners, don’t look further than the Inglot #77 liner nothing is as black and as long-lasting.

Concealer and Corrector

I’ve bunched these two together because they are both as important as each other. In the past, I used to think concealer was the key! I used to slap it on and think ‘Hmm…its not covering enough (especially under eyes) let’s add some more’. This was my downfall, my face looked cakey and my products felt quite heavy on the face. Instead of piling on the concealer, opt for a good corrector to start off with first. Apply a thin layer and make sure to blend it in. I use an orange corrector under my eyes and around my mouth to counteract the darkness I have.

Add a layer of concealer and leave it on for about 30-60 seconds before blending in. This gives the concealer some time to set and thus giving you better coverage. Make sure the concealer matches your skin tone and isn’t too much lighter than your skin colour.

Using the corrector then concealer method always gives me the desired look. I look well rested, awake and like I can face the day! Even though I’m probably on my second cup of tea!

Some of my all-time favourite concealers are, MAC prolongwear concealer in NC40, Studiofinish concealer in NC37, Tarte Shape Tape in Medium and Medium Sand, Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Nude, Flower Beauty concealer in Medium Deep and many more. The list can go on for ages as this is probably the one product I stock up on the most.

In terms of correctors, MAC orange corrector, Smashbox Orange Corrector Stick and Revolution pro corrector are probably some of the ones I prefer.

Corrector and Concealer


Lipstick is my guilty pleasure. This is the step that gives me the control over whether I want to look like I mean business, whether I’m having a chill day at the beach or whether I want to look playful and young. Lipstick can really change up the look of the whole face. For spring/summer I prefer to go with coloured lips instead of nude – because if you can’t in summer when can you?! I have been loving the gradient lip look my Laneige Two Tone lip colour gives me. I also like the Korean Stained lips look but I also love a bold and dramatic neon pink lip. To be honest, for this step do whatever makes YOU feel beautiful!


Honourable mentions

These aren’t necessarily beauty products but they are tools that I would highly recommend for you to have as their use goes a long way.

First up is a set of good Eyelash Curlers. Curling your eyelashes gives your eye from definition and allows the mascara to define your lashes more. I usually do this as the last step of my skincare routine. My favourite ones are from Tarte Cosmetics.

Secondly, a good set of Makeup Brushes. There are millions of brands and brushes on the market and to be honest you don’t need 50 different brushes but you do need a good set that will last you a while. Brushes make makeup application so much easier. I love brushes from Real Techniques and Zoeva the most. Morphe is also a really good place to stock up on brushes as they are very well priced.

I hope you enjoyed this small round-up of the beauty products I feel are key in achieving a solid everyday look without much hassle.

If I haven’t mentioned any of your favourite beauty products be sure to let me know in the comments down below! I would love to hear from you.

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