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April 8, 2019

Podcasting. That’s how my online journey started. The first time I shared something online for the world to react to, was a podcast. We named it Kobsession, and as you can tell by the title, the name stuck. Mainly because it perfectly summarizes what the subject is about – An obsession over all things Korean. Secondly, because I grew fond of it.

At that time, we started off Kobsession by sharing our love for Kpop. We were fully and totally immersed into the world of boy bands, girl bands, solo artists etc. Over time, that obsession slowly slowed down – something to do with how young the artists were getting. It just felt wrong to obsess over …children. Don’t get me wrong though, the OG artists and artists who are on an appropriate age for me to like are still very much part of the obsession. I must admit though, not as much!

The reason why you ask?

KDRAMAS! I have always been a huge huge fan of them and did, in fact, obsess and binge one or two dramas at a time when I was younger and had an infinite amount of time to spend. They have always held a really precious place in my heart, have made me cry floods of tears, made me feel 16 by giving me butterflies and made me fall off my chair laughing…there’s something magical about it. Actually, over the past 15 years my obsession over Kdramas has not stopped or in fact, even slowed down. I have shared some of my favourites in a previous blog post. I will leave the link here.

Which is why my new podcast is mainly all about KDramas and Korean Variety shows.

I talk a lot more about how I got into it, why I still love it and some of my favourite Korean dramas so be sure to have a listen on iTunes, Spotify or Podomatic.

I will leave a link to the podcast below. If you do have a listen I would love to hear what you think and if you share my obsession.

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