Beauty Pie – First Impressions and Review

March 30, 2019

Every once in a while, a new brand or product explodes onto the beauty scene and every blogger and their mother talks about it. That’s usually the time when I switch off. I hate “hypes” or overly marketed products because they are, well… advertised. I.e the company has paid for the product to be talked about.

For months now, I have seen beauty bloggers everywhere talk about Beauty Pie. So, I waited for the hype to die down to form an unbiased opinion on the brand. I did my research and searched online for reviews that seemed genuine and even discovered some amazing beauty accounts. A notable one is @phiasez who has tried multiple products from Beauty Pie and simply raves about them. I then discovered Caroline Hirons video on the brand and was sold!


Beauty Pie


I took the plunge and I signed up to the slightly confusing yet innovative subscription service and the rest is history! Let me take a minute to explain what Beauty Pie is and how it works.

Beauty Pie, the brainchild of Marcia Kilgore, is described as the first-ever buyers club for beauty addicts. Members can buy luxury products formulated at leading beauty labs for a fraction of the price. You get the same luxury quality cosmetics and high-performance skincare, without paying for the middlemen, the celebrity marketing or retailer costs. As a result, the packaging is totally stripped back to generic, clean and minimalistic.

How it works

It’s monthly subscription service with different membership levels at £5, £10 or £20 a month. Corresponding to your level, you have a monthly spending limit, which is anything ranging from £50 to £200. The whole premise of Beauty Pie is that you pay a fraction of the price for your product.

For example, a really good cream would cost you £40 from a luxury brand, you’d be paying £9.60 instead with Beauty Pie. However, this is where it gets confusing at first. For instance, your spending limit is £100. The product you want to buy is priced at £40 but as a member, you will pay £9.60. But the amount deducted from your limit will be the full price of the item at £40.  So the next item you want to buy for that month will have to be priced less than £60.

The money you have to pay is £9 but your limit is credited the full price amount.

I hope that made sense?

My Purchases

I have been on a hunt for some really good anti-ageing products (because your girl is starting to really need it), therefore when I came across the products I’m about to mention, let’s say my interest was piqued.

Retinol Cream


The Super Retinol (+Vitamin C) Night renewal moisturizer
Typical price £75 Members Price £8.78

“This superstar swiss overnight formula has everything anti-ageing in it. Encapsulated retinol (resurfacing) ficucell vita (antioxidant), shea butter (nourishing), Vitamin E and C (elasticity+), ferulic and hyaluronic acid (plumping and hydrating), it’s super smoothing, fine line and wrinkle tackling, brightening, and we think this is possibly THE best retinol night moisturizer ever”

Super Retinol Anti Wrinkle eye cream
Typical price £65 Member Price £6.67

“Swiss formulated, with line smoothing slow release retinol microcapsules moisture magnetizing hyaluronic acid to plump and soften, anti-ageing allosteris to slowly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and bioflavonoids to brighten” 

After a few attempts at using retinol in the form of oils or serums, I thought I’d give it a go in a moisturizer. Fast forward a week of consistent use, I was actually shocked at how amazingly this product worked. Everything that it claimed to do, it actually did. My under eyes seemed plumper and brighter. The lines under my eyes were less visible and my skin just felt smoother, more healthy and softer. I have been using it for about a month now and I noticed the lines that were starting to creep up on my forehead have started to reduce. The fact that this has Vit C is definitely a plus because it allows me to make my routine more streamline.


Retinol Eye Cream


The verdict

Overall, the signing up process was easy, the wide range of products on the website made it hard to choose (always a good thing) and the payment and shipping were straightforward. The package arrived after a few days and the items were packaged so luxuriously.

Needless to say, I have fallen in love with what Beauty Pie has to offer.  I absolutely love the two products I ordered and can genuinely say that they are a must-have in my skincare routine. I am excited to see if the other products live up to my expectations. We shall wait and see as I have just put another order in and now must attempt to not get too excited every time the postman is at the door.

Have you tried any Beauty Pie products? I would love to hear your experience with the products if you have?

Until next time,


Minaz xx

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