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February 26, 2018

Those of you who know me well will know, that watching Korean Dramas is one of my favourite ways to relax, unwind and indulge. Basically, one of my favourite things to do…in life…ever!

There is just something so addictive about them that once you start you really can’t stop.

It could be any number of things really. The epic romantic storylines, the characters, how dramatic they are, how they make you giggle, how they give you butterflies, how they make you smile to yourself at the bus stop…how swoon-worthy the leads or second leads usually are…I could go on but I’m sure you get my point.

I thought I’d put together a list of my ultimate binge-worthy dramas for those of you who, haven’t watched any k-dramas before or for those of you who are looking for a good drama to watch.

If you haven’t watched any… can I just say,

WELCOME to my world, get comfortable, make sure you are not disturbed and Enjoy! You are about to have your mind blown!


Goblin Korea Drama

Goblin (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God/도깨비)
Romance/ Fantasy/Drama

This was by far one of the biggest dramas of 2016. It was the second most-watched drama of all time on TvN’s network. It became a cultural phenomenon in South Korea, won critical acclaim and several other awards. It’s written by the legendary Kim EunSook – basically, her dramas are always worth watching!

This drama is about a warrior who turns into an immortal Goblin that becomes the guardian of souls in the mortal world. On his journey through immortality, he meets the grim reaper, a lonely high school girl and a chicken shop owner. Through these meetings begins the story this drama tells, and let me tell you.. wrooah its one heck of a story.

This has by far been my FAVOURITE drama in a long long time! It’s just so epic! The characters and the chemistry between them is insane, the music is so well chosen, the backdrop and locations are so otherworldly but most of all, the storyline is impeccable! It’s funny, its romantic, it makes you giggle like a school girl at certain bits and it pulls on all your heartstrings. I haven’t cried like that in a drama for such a long time. When I say cry, like snotty ugly cry. That is always a good sign in my books that the drama has told a damn good story.


Korean Drama

Reply 1988 (응답하라 1988)

Let me start off by saying that this was the highest rated drama for its finale on cable TV of all time! Numbers don’t lie!

It’s the third instalment of the Reply series and my favourite! This drama revolved around 5 friends and their family who lived in the north of Seoul in the year of 1988 (woop repping the 88′ crew). Seemingly you might think it’s an ordinary drama about ordinary lives but oh it’s so much more. You get to learn about the culture during that time but also get immersed in the dynamics and the characters so much that you almost feel like the 6th friend! (just me?)

It’s so endearing, real, and absolutely refreshing! The catchphrases are hilarious and oh so memorable and the chemistry between the cast is brilliant! I really didn’t want it to end and when it did I terribly missed it! I highly recommend it!

Also, Park Bo Gum… to those k-drama addicts need I say more?


its okay its love

It’s okay its love (괜찮아, 사랑이야)

This drama was one of the first dramas that I watched that dealt with a more serious subject and absolutely loved! Being a romantic comedy, it has its funny and warm and fuzzy moments too! The main story revolved around the relationship between a famous, arrogant novelist and driven, strong headed psychiatrist. The drama also highlights stories of a few other people in its course and how they all come together.

What makes this drama different is that it highlights mental health issues. In the beginning, you know the main character suffers from OCD but as it unfolds you discover that it’s actually more serious than initially suspected. To see how the drama portrayed and reflected the mental illness in its main character was absolutely refreshing and relatable. Normalizing mental health issues where they highlighted the person for who he is and what he does rather than let the illness define who he is. It spoke so much to me personally.

The cast is incredible- Jo InSung, Gong HyoJin, Lee KwangSoo (where ma Running Man family at!) to name a few! The story is fantastic and gripping, the music is so memorable and the chemistry between the cast is unforgettable. It can get dark and serious but its also light fun and very watchable. I highly recommend this drama!


Descendants of the Sun(태양의 후예)
Romance/ Melodrama/Action

Written by the amazing Kim Eun Sook, this drama is about the relationship between Yoo Sijin who is a captain in the Korean special forces unit, and Kang Moyeon who is a senior doctor. They first meet when she mistakenly assumes Yoo Sijin is a thug during his stay in the emergency department. They are instantly attracted to one another and start dating but their dates are always interrupted due to their very busy schedules.  Due to various circumstances, they both end up Uruk and through their encounters in Uruk, an earthquake and an epidemic, their love for each other grows stronger.

This again is one of ma fave fave fave dramas, it’s funny and witty and makes you smile senseless and giggle endlessly. It was massively successful in Korea when it was airing and won various awards. The cast is made up of quite well know actors (hello Song JoongKi). It’s quite dramatic and not particularly realistic – hence the melodrama description- but it’s so well written. You care deeply about the characters – not just the main but the second leads too- and root for their happiness. I’ve watched it twice and both times reacted the same – it sucks you right in! Yes, I did cry buckets towards the end.

Side note – there’s a lot of army guys running around topless which is always a plus when you have eye candy (hehe!)

Side Side note – did you know that the leads actually married each other IN REAL LIFE? That’s how real the love was between them in the drama!


The Moon That Embraces The Sun (해를 품은 달)
Historical/ Romance/ Fantasy

The drama tells the story of the secret and poignant love between a fictional king of the Joseon Dynasty and a female shaman. You get a glimpse into the traditions and customs of a traditional Korean palace and the conflicts and conspiracy of vying political powers.

In 2012 – which is when this drama aired- the drama was massively successful and earned multiple awards. This was the first ever period drama that I watched, the incredible cast was a huge attraction and have since fallen in love with anything Joseon Dynasty related. This is the oldest drama no this list but it’s truly epic and so worth watching.

The drama is beautiful! From the actual story to the sets, the costumes, and the chemistry between the cast, it was all so good! Its depiction of the story is quite heartbreaking, I found myself crying right from the start and had to take out and compose myself before watching the last two episodes because I was crying so much I couldn’t breathe! (always a good sign)

You find yourself really and I mean REALLY hating some characters and watching them to utterly just die! – a bit harsh but you get my point-

I highly recommend watching this drama if period dramas aren’t your thing, I promise by the end you’ll be loving it!


Here you go, my five favourites I hope you enjoy as much as I did!!

If you would like me to do more drama posts please let me know in the comments below and I shall get to it straight away!



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  1. 예스벳88 says:

    Even though I am not Korean and do not speak the language, I still love watching these KDramas so much!

  2. Even though I am not Korean and do not speak the language, I still love watching these KDramas so much! Visit

    • Minaz says:

      ME too!!!! I’m so glad you enjoy them too!! I have a podcast on kdrama if you want to check it out its Kobsession podcast on all podcast platforms!

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